Tom Kha Soup
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Tom Kha Soup

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This soup combines exotic flavours of Thailand and suits chicken and mushrooms very well. The coconut milk is infused with lime juice and spices to make a very refreshing soup. You make this soup just before eating. It can be prepared and ready within 20 minutes. 

This kit is gluten and dairy free.

Kit Contents (Allergens in Bold) 
Sachets of Tom Kha Ingredient kit, fish sauce (NOT included in Vegetarian kit) and dried red chillies.

Kit Ingredients 
Galangal, lemon grass, dried red chillies, lime leaves.

Larder Essentials
Main Ingredient (e.g. Chicken, prawn, oyster mushrooms), small onion or shallot, fresh lime (or lemon), cherry tomatoes, coconut milk, small button (closed cup) mushrooms, coriander leaves. (See “Cooking Methods” for recipes and quantities)

Nutritional Info Per Serving (i.e. person).
Energy: 84kJ/20kcal;  Fat: Total 0.2g, Saturated 0.0g; Carbohydrate: 4.0g, Sugars 1.3g; Fibre 1.3g; Protein 0.5g; Salt 0.08g

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