Indian 3 Curry Bundle
Indian 3 Curry Bundle
Indian 3 Curry Bundle
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Indian 3 Curry Bundle

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We have put these 3 Indian curries, Jalfrezi, Rogan Josh and Vindaloo, into a bundle to give you at least 3 meals. Please refer to the individual product listings to check kit contents, larder essentials and nutritional information.

Jalfrezi is a South Asian curry which involves frying pieces of meat, fish or vegetables in oil and spices to produce a dry, thick sauce. 

Rogan Josh is a Kashmiri dish of Persian origin. It traditionally consists of braised lamb chunks cooked in a curry based on browned onions, yoghurt (optional) and aromatic spices.

Vindaloo is traditionally very spicy anglo­-indian curry where the local Goan chefs substituted vinegar for red wine and added dried red chilli and spices.

These dishes can all served with steamed basmati or pilau rice. Each bundle can be ordered in 2 or 4 person kits, with or without Pilau Rice. You can order the Pilau rice kit individually from the Extras section if you do not want 3 of them with the bundle. 

These dishes can range in heat from medium to very hot so chilli flakes are in a separate sachet to allow you to control how hot.
These pastes have no added salt, sugar or preservatives and are gluten and dairy free.

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