Cooking Methods

All the kits are simple to cook. We have created some detailed cooking instructions that can be used for all kit types for both meat, seafood and vegetarian recipes.

All cooking instructions are PDF files that can be viewed, downloaded and/or printed.

If you have created some dishes using Mister Paste kits that are different to ours and you would like to share, we are happy to add it to this page. e.g. chicken vindaloo pasty.

Green Curry: Chicken, Prawn, Vegetarian
Jalfrezi: Chicken, Lamb, Vegetarian
Rendang: Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Vegetarian
Rogan Josh: Chicken, Lamb, Vegetarian
Vindaloo: Beef, Chicken, Lamb
Tomato and Yellow Bean: Seabass
Tom Kha Soup: Chicken, Seafood, Mushroom
Tom Yum Soup: Chicken, Seafood, Mushroom
Pilau Rice
Spicy Sweet & Sour Mango Sauce: Chicken, Salmon, Vegetarian