Dinner Kits

The principle aims of Mister Paste dinner kits:

  • Supply a ready made raw curry paste with any additional unusual ingredients e.g. cinnamon bark.
  • Save you time shopping for a multitude of spices and unusual ingredients.
  • Save you time preparing a curry paste or sauce for your meal.
  • Save your storage from an ever growing collection of spice bottles gathering dust.

All curry pastes and sauces are vacuum sealed and laboratory tested for a refrigerated shelf life. For longevity, the pastes and sauces can be easily frozen and then defrosted within a few minutes. 

Our curry pastes are made with fresh ingredients and spices for that genuine home made taste and are not pasteurised, cooked or contain preservatives. Our sauces are made with some additional standard ingredients like soy sauce. 

No salt or sugar has been added to the curry paste recipes (you add the seasonings during cooking) but some of the sauce recipes require sugar. Most recipes are gluten and dairy free. 

The chilli spice is supplied in a separate sachet (except Green Curry) for you to add during cooking to make it as mild/hot as you prefer.  Vindaloo curry is rather delicious when it doesn't blow your head off. 

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