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Our Dinner Kits

Most of our kits are suitable for vegetarians and are naturally gluten and dairy free.  They  can be easily frozen and then defrosted within a few minutes. 

How hot are the curries?   
Chilli is packed separately (except for Green Curry) from the paste to allow you to add it during cooking to make it as mild/hot as you prefer. 

Which kit should I get?  
The Paste kit is a basic kit comprising a paste and a few additional ingredients.  It is for those who have a full larder or love to shop. The Larder kit (COMING SOON) is for those who would like the larder essentials included (except prime ingredient and dairy products).  The kits save you having to shop for multiple spices and unusual ingredients, save some preparation time and storage of an ever growing collection of spice bottles. 

What prime ingredient should i get?   
Due the nature of curries, there are a multitude of prime ingredients available to you so we leave that choice up to you as you may want to change your mind. Unfortunately we cannot supply any meat/fish/diary products.

How fresh?
Our curry pastes are made to order and with fresh ingredients and spices for that genuine home made taste.  They are not pasteurised, pre-cooked and do not contain preservatives. They are vacuum sealed to maintain their freshness and are laboratory tested for a refrigerated shelf life. 

No salt or sugar is added to the curry pastes. This is to allow you to add the seasonings during cooking and be able to use alternative salts and sugar substitutes if necessary.  Some of the sauce recipes require sugar and sometimes additional standard ingredients like soy sauce.